Make Any Product Grow

WebClicks gives advertisers a combination of advanced tools, detailed analytics and a huge network of vetted affiliates and publishers, providing advertisers with all the right tools to make any product grow. Whether you want to run a worldwide CPA campaign, a CPL campaign for a specific country or a CPI campaign targeted towards a specific mobile device or operating system, our platform gives you the ability to create the campaigns and receive the traffic and leads you need, when you need it.

Global Reach

WebClicks has a network of thousands of affiliates from all over the world that span all major forms of internet lead generation, including high quality publishers, search engine marketers, media buyers, opt-­in email list owners, social media specialists, contextual traffic firms, and other traffic generation experts. Because of our wide variety of affiliates we can generate quality traffic for many different verticals, all across the globe.

High Quality Affiliates

All affiliates and publishers are thoroughly screened before they get access to our network, so as an advertiser you don’t have to worry about fraud or low quality traffic. This gives you the ability to focus on what is most important for you; make your products grow with high quality traffic and leads. Our 18+ years of experience combined with our advanced anti­-fraud tools and constant monitoring allow us to easily spot and weed out rogue publishers, deceptive marketeers and fraudulent affiliates from our network.

Robust Tools

The WebClicks platform offers advertisers a series of custom-built robust tools to easily set up and optimize their campaigns. This includes a fully integrated billing platform, split tracking, automatic ad tracking and optimizing, server 2 server postbacks, geo/device/OS targeting, advanced campaign management and much more.

Detailed Analytics

WebClicks is a data-driven company. We simply love data and understand how important it is to get the reports and breakdowns you need to optimally analyze and optimize your campaigns. We offer detailed fast­ loading reporting providing you with all the data, statistics and insights you need to work towards the optimal ROI.

Dedicated Support

Although WebClicks is built as an easy to use self-service platform, our team is always available to answer any question or help you with your campaigns. Each advertiser is assigned a dedicated account manager who is available to you by email, instant messenger and phone.

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