Affiliates & Advertisers

WebClicks is an innovative performance marketing company targeted towards affiliate and advertisers. We provide affiliates with the right tools and analytics to optimally monetize their traffic and advertisers with robust tools and analytics to grow their products.

Built on Experience

Our platform is designed by a team of experts with each over 18 years of experience in online affiliate marketing, lead generation and internet advertising. This made it possible to build the best marketing platform for both affiliates and advertisers.


Unlike other networks WebClicks is built on custom developed software which gives us the competitive advantage of having access to more data and better performance. We provide our affiliates and advertisers with more tools and better analytics to fully optimize and monetize their campaigns.


Make ANY Product Grow

WebClicks gives advertisers a combination of advanced tools, detailed analytics and a huge network of vetted affiliates and publishers, providing advertisers with all the right tools to make any product grow. Whether you want to run a worldwide CPA campaign, a CPL campaign for a specific country or a CPI campaign targeted towards a specific mobile device or operating system, our platform gives you the ability to create the campaigns and receive the traffic and/or leads you need, when you need it.

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Automated Monetization!

Our motto is automate wherever possible. Why spend hours analyzing reports and manually optimizing things when it can be done better and faster by software algorithms. Our platform is built with simplicity for the affiliate in mind. We offer an exclusive custom built system that automatically presents users with the best converting offers based on the user’s profila (such as country, device, OS, browser, etc.). All you have to do is place your link or banner codes and our automated system will take care of the rest. We are able to monetize your traffic like no other network!

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Automatic Optimization System

WebClicks provides affiliates with an exclusive tool that uses automatic algorithms to fully take charge of optimizing and monetizing your traffic. You no longer need to monitor and analyze your campaigns and offers to see what works the best, our system will automatically present your traffic with the best converting offers based on the user’s profile such as geo Location, language, device, OS, browser, etc. The system costantly analyzes your traffic and conversions to automatically optimize it even further.

This unique tool allows affiliates and publishers to fully monetize their traffic while giving advertisers instant access to highly targeted traffic. Our Automatic Optimization System is offered in all popular ad sizes as well as direct linkcodes. Our advanced automatic optimization system is currently in Beta, but coming soon to all affiliates!


WebClicks is designed by a group of people that each have over 18 years of online marketing and lead generation experience. Our exclusive custom-built performance platform is fully developed in-house by a team of highly skilled developers keeping performance, stability and flexability in mind.

By combining our years of experience and years of generated data we were able to build the ultimate data-driven affiliate marketing platform. WebClicks is a CPA performance network like no other, providing our affiliates and advertisers with the best and latest technologies, tools and analytics.