New Payment Option ePayments and its advantages

WebClicks now offers you the possibility to get paid via ePayments

ePayments is a convenient virtual payment service that offers an eWallet as well as a prepaid MasterCard. ePayments is registered and licenced in the United Kingdom. By being FCA licenced ePayments guarantees the security of financial operations and the protection of your information.


ePayments Prepaid MasterCard and its benefits

MasterCard is globally accepted to make secure payments in more than 210 countries as well as any online merchant. ePayments Prepaid MasterCard is pin and chip secure and supports the PayPass feature.

This video explains the ePayments account verification process. After account verification the daily card limits are set at $3000 for cash withdrawals, and the maximum amount which can be held on the card is $20,000.

The facilitation of payments via ePayments is easy and simple: the e-Wallet allows you to make outgoing payments and settle your accounts, whereas the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® provides the opportunity to make payments in stores and withdraw cash at ATMs.
Withdrawing money with ePayments:

· Cash at ATMs with ePayments card
· Free POS and online transactions with ePayments card
· Instant Internal p2p transfer
· International Wire transfer
· Transfer to WebMoney and Yandex Money
· Transfer to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin)
· Withdrawal of funds to credit/debit card (VISA/ MasterCard®)

Transfers between e-Wallets on the ePayments system is absolutely free. The maximum amount which can be withdrawn at ATMs from the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® is $3000 per day.

ePayments has mobile applications available for your convenience at AppStore and PlayMarket.

If you don’t have an account, you can Sign up right now!

If you already have an account you can easily choose ePayments from your WebClicks Account as your preferred payment method.
Epayments Option in WebClicks