WebClicks & Vendo Welcome to Barcelona Event

Vendo and WebClicks Introduce Two New Beers to the Industry at Event in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – Vendo, the biller, and WebClicks, the affiliate marketing company, announced this week that they will introduce two new beers to the industry. The beers will be available to try on March 3, 2017 at the “Welcome to Barcelona” tapas hosted by both companies for attendees of Mobile World Congress and the European Summit.

Invited guests will have the opportunity to taste Vendo’s “Biller of the Year Beer” and WebClick’s “F***ing Awesome Ale.”

The two online companies will be hosting the beer and tapas tasting on March 3rd, 2017 at BierCab in Barcelona. BierCab is located at Carrer de Muntaner, 55, 08011 Barcelona. The event begins at 18:00 and finishes at 20:00.

“The Biller of the Year Beer is a little sweet, like victory, and can make you feel kind of giddy, like how we felt when we were voted best biller by the industry. We hope you our guests enjoy it!” says Thierry Arrondo, Vendo’s Managing Director. “It’s a great time to welcome the industry to our city. Barcelona is a growing hub. It’s on the short list of industry power centers including cities like Montreal and Los Angeles. We’re excited to give everyone attending the Mobile World Conference and European Summit an opportunity to network and get a little taste of our beer and our city.”

Brad Zarich, VP of Sales for WebClicks spoke about the event, “The F***ing Awesome Ale is a superior combination of everything you want in an Ale…just like WebClicks offers everything you want in an affiliate marketing platform. It will be a fun evening to network with people attending both shows. We’re looking forward to it.”

For more information on this event contact Vendo or WebClicks.

WebClicks & Vendo Beers


About Vendo
Voted best biller, Vendo is an IPSP payment processor focused on delivering world class service and the latest technology. The biller works with the leading companies in the industry. Vendo develops artificial intelligence to deliver dynamic risk and pricing as part of its complete suite of billing services. For more information visit www.vendoservices.com.

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